Annoying Etiquette Teachers

July 1, 2008 at 5:01 am (Uncategorized)

I am sitting here watching Trading Spouses, and for some reason one of the families has an etiquette teacher as a friend that comes over to eat dinner with them and I guess make sure that they have good manners. They bragged about her and said that she knows all these diplomats and whatever…seriously though, who the fuck cares!? It turns out that in this episode the families are both in the San Fransisco Bay area, so the other family is forced to put up with the woman teaching them which plate is for what course like they are a bunch of five year olds. Thankfully the new family is British and they are really cool so now they’re using a remote controlled fart machine at the table and shocking the hell out of the etiquette lady. I think the mom is going to have an aneurysm or something. Ok, that’s my TV watching story for the evening.

What else have I done today? This morning I had a chiropractor appointment which was awesome, and then I had to go get my blood drawn because I’m having an ultrasound on Thursday and apparently they need a quantitative HCG test for that. I think they should have done that in the first place but of course military hospitals are awesome. In any case I really hate getting my blood drawn because the front desk lady is an absolute moron! She’s this really old bitchy lady and she always wears these African mumu type dresses, and really crazy hats. It is not cute. Did I mention she’s a bitch? I could absolutely feel my blood pressure rising, and I wanted to punch her in the face. Okay, I know I have anger issues but I was complaining about her to Beth and she seemed to agree that the woman is annoying and generally incompetent.

I slept most of the day, dreaming of beef stroganoff, which was interesting. Then it was time to go to Beth and Adam’s house for dinner, which brings us to the “cute Aden picture of the day”. For some odd reason she got into Lance’s bouncer seat (which he doesn’t use anymore) and she was really enjoying herself! It was really funny, here’s a picture of the cutest little girl ever:
Aden and the Bouncer

Woke up, made the stroganoff I had been dreaming of, along with some green bean casserole and here I am!


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