I heart Ikea

July 8, 2008 at 7:16 am (Uncategorized)

So we went to Atlanta last weekend, it was quite stressful but fun at times. I’ll probably write more about that when I get some pictures of the trip from Amanda. My camera is still not working but I think she got some good ones of the babies at least.

We got to Ikea at about 7:50 PM because Emily’s plane was delayed and rerouted, and the baseball game was going into extra innings. I believe it was finally over after the 17th inning, I think it was at least 9:30 by that time, and the game was originally scheduled to start at 1:30 before it was delayed by a thunderstorm.

So, we stopped at the cafeteria first because I was starving and had been walking around the airport ALL DAY! I had this amazing chocolate cake, I really should have taken a picture of it! That’s not all I had, mind you, there was pasta involved as well. This gave us less than an hour to shop, which is pretty darn hard considering that this place is about the size of 10 Wal Marts. Thankfully this wasn’t my first time there because then I really would have been pissed. We got a couple more Barnslags for Aden, if you don’t know what those are then too bad for you! I also got her an extra duvet cover and pillowcase for her little ikea pillow and blanket that I got last time. These also have Barnslags on them.

Then I decided that I absolutely MUST have this wonderful Poang chair, which I do happen to have a picture of. I’m tired of sitting on my uncomfortable couch, and I can’t wait to get a sectional but this chair is pretty awesome.

Poang Chair

And, guess what else?

BABY poang chair!!! Aden thinks it’s pretty cool, unfortunately when she tries to climb up on it she tips it over, so we have to work on that.

Baby Poang

Baby Poang

And here are some more pictures of my beautiful girl, just to share.

Sleeping in the car driving around Atlanta during the thunderstorm


And watching some kids show on TV and refusing to look at the camera!

Cutie Aden

As for me, I just got back from a middle of the night journey to Wal Mart, where I picked up some DVDs for Aden because we’re setting up a little TV with a built in DVD player for her in the dining room. I decided to turn the dining room into the toy room since we don’t eat in there, and the toys are completely taking over the living room! Anyways, about the DVDs. I got her Elmo’s potty time DVD, it has songs and stuff so we’re going to do the whole subliminal messaging thing since she loves Elmo. I also found a Dora the Explorer DVD that as an episode called “Dora is going to be a Big Sister”, so a little more subliminal messaging there…and the last one is a Wiggles one where they dance and sing nursery rhymes, which I’m sure she’s going to love!


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